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​    HABITAT   RV  Village Parks  &  Subdivisions
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     Low cost RV Village Parks and Subdivisions  are needed    now more than ever! 
   *    For Climate Refugees in low coastal areas.    *    For  Economic  Refugees.
   *    and for those seeking a very affordable lifestyle.
 Local, State and Federal Government together with USACE  should  join the effort  in giving  Americans the  economic  breathing space with more spendable dollars.
This was clearly illustrated during  Hurricane Katrina when some victims   stayed at the
 lavish New York Waldorf Astoria  while other flood  victims were able 
       to stay for free at the Texas State Parks Campgrounds.

   Habitat RAM Villages have:
  *  Recreational Vehicle sites
  *  Subdivisions for RV, MH, Park Trailer and  
      Modular Home sites. 
  *  Buildings allocated for  Youth, Adult and Family
     Hostels;   some with private partitions.
  *  An European Themed Village Center with
     a diversity of shops and stores. 
  *  Maximizes self-contained and self-sufficient
      economics and use Habitat Sweat Equity. 
    Based on CalFed HomeWater Agency Act #21336 File No. SA2001RF0008
Chinas Chongqing Monorail System WORLD'S  Largest  Monorail System over 74 miles long with 
massive fabrication yards. Uses the large 8 car Hitachi walk-thru monorail systems. If this system was 
used in LA the LAX traffic congestion would be eliminated. There would be service to LAX , NFL to 
Amtrack Union station and the SF Valley 405 to LAX. 
Journey to 
 right picture:The use of Ouija Boards on board the Command Center  on a US Aircraft Carrier and   to the right a  picture of men in the attick of a CapeCod home in Levittown PA. contributing some synergistic management and labor.
  If I live along the Atlantic Coast What can  I do to  reduce  my risk and impact of flooding  see map on right.​    
  1. Preplan your Storage and move furniture etc. in   manageable segments.. 
 2. Preplan for a RV Site with a power pedestal.
 3. Preplan for  a larger Site and RV or Modular Home with a power pedestal
 4. Support write and call your Congressman or Congresswoman.
The need is clear Disaster Victims should be able to go direct to USACE Safety-Net Village at Lake Seminole for housing and jobs. As Congressman Neal Dunn MD says lets not kick this can down the road when victims are living in tents.
   The USACE did an awesome job on the Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles,  and they can create an environment that is also upscale like the Villages in Florida, Sun N Fun in Sarasota, and Pismo Coast Village in California. This will serve the complete RV industry besides Disaster Victims.
​ In Palm Desert call Congressman Raul Ruiz MD at 760 424-8888 
 Offices at: 43875 Washington Street, Palm Desert CA 92211
 In Washington DC Call Congressman Raul Ruiz MD at 202 225-5330
  2342 Rayburn HOB Washington, DC 20515  
Call Congressman Neal Dunn MD today at 202 225-5235 Fax 202 225-5615
or Congressman  Al Lawson Jr  at 202 225-0123 and let them know your support!
If you live in the following  areas call your Congressman for this legislation. 
Houston or Lake Jackson Texas :Congressman Randy Weber 14th Dist  Lake Jackson 979 285-0231 or Wash DC 202 225-2831
In Texarkana Texas :  Congressman John Rattcliff  903 823-3173 Washington DC, Phone: 202  225-6673
In the Shrieveport, Louisiana area :  Congressman Mike Johnson 4th Dist Bossier City, 318 840-0309  or Washington DC 202  225-2777 
  In Florida call Governor  Ron DeSantis to show support  Tallahassee   850  717- 9337

 In Georgia call Governor  Brian Kemp to show support   Atlanta 404 656-1776

In Washington DC for USACE HQ call Lieutenant General Todd T. Semonite   202 761-0011
or Major General Scott A. Spellmon Deputy Commanding General for Civil and Emergency Operations

USACE Mobile District command  for Lake Seminole and Lake Allatoona Colonel Sebastion P. Joly
Commander  920 748-6206 or Kristina Mullins Chief of Staff