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     Low cost RV Village Parks and Subdivisions  are needed    now more than ever! 
   *    For Climate Refugees in low coastal areas.    *    For  Economic  Refugees.
   *    and for those seeking a very affordable lifestyle.
 Local, State and Federal Government together with USACE  should  join the effort  in
  giving  Americans the  economic  breathing space with more spendable dollars.
This was clearly illustrated during  Hurricane Katrina when some victims   stayed at the
 lavish New York Waldorf Astoria  while other flood  victims were able 
       to stay for free at the Texas State Parks Campgrounds.

   Habitat RAM Villages have:
  *  Recreational Vehicle sites
  *  Subdivisions for RV, MH, Park Trailer and  
      Modular Home sites. 
  *  Buildings allocated for  Youth, Adult and Family
     Hostels;   some with private partitions.
  *  An European Themed Village Center with
     a diversity of shops and stores. 
  *  Maximizes self-contained and self-sufficient  economics and use Habitat Sweat Equity. 
    Based on CalFed HomeWater Agency Act #21336 File No. SA2001RF0008
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 Emergency- Priority USACE Villages creates jobs and very affordable housing in specific areas of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisana and Texas.
Welcome to Maui Safari and Molly Mupp's Hobby Village
             now planned for development in north Florida
 Top Reasons to support USACE  Emergncy Villages. 

With over 30 million people economically wiped out  by the Corona Virus
and loosing their jobs, homes, apartments and livelihoods  the US needs
a Roosevelt style Emergency Plan to  reduce the oncoming impact of
another Great Depression. In addition with rising sea levels destroying
homes plus the already homeless the need is urgent. 

This is America’s Best Opportunity to fulfilling the noble intent
 of lifting people out of poverty by providing jobs and an extremely affordable 
lifestyle with RVs and Modular Homes manufactured locally within the Village

​* This program creates reasonably self-sufficient Villages within existing USACE
 campgrounds such as: Lake Seminole, Lake Allatoona, Wright Patman Lake in
 Texas and other southern locations.

*  These are primarily RV-Mobile Home and 12 ft wide modular homes using 
     low  cost back to back power pedestals where both RVs, Park Trailers and 
     small modular homes can PLUG In.

 A synergistic balance of Jobs and Housing is necessary.
 A land use balance of  Residential, Common Green Associations with
Convenience Centers, Retail, Commercial and Industrial is mandatory.

All possible jobs must be local for the employment of the residents.  But
excessive costly and unnecessary projects limited.
 An example of this is costly concrete mobile home and RV sites
 where rustic sites will do. See picture to the left of Mystic Forest RV Park.

   Regarding a synergistic balance many large residential developments
   have no village center for shopping such as Salton City California or
    Orange Blossom Gardens mobile home park during the 60s in Florida.
    It took about 20 years for the owners  to create a Themed Village
    Center called " Spanish Springs" bringing shopping, markets, car 
    shows,  theater,  restaurants, and nightly outdoor concerts for their
    adult  residents. 
    Spanish Springs and The Villages became so successful that they
     built 2 more Themed Villages called Lake Sumter Landing and
     Brownwood a  country western village. 
     As one lady observed " Whats not to like, Its a Disneyland for Adults" 

     Under the guidance of Jennifer Parr and her sister Tracy Mathews
     this family development went on to become the leading privately owned
     developments year after year.
      With 130 miles of golf car trails changing the mindset from cars to
      golf cars they forged a new industry creating more local jobs.  

  As we can see on site habitat home building, land clearing, landscaping
  golfing, golf car building, Club house, Civic Centers, CGAs and     
  Convenience Centers and retail-commercial-industrial centers create
   jobs together with laws like CDD funding as in Florida.