LD  12  Two Story  Multi_Use  Apts,  Office,  Commercial

    LD 12 2 story Modular has 1680 sq ft under roof . uses a 40 ft width x 110 ft length lot
This basic 2 story structure can also be used in a commercial / retail
Village with the top floor used as a residence and the bottom floor for
retail usage.
LD 12 This rustic lot designation is for use as a modular 2 story 3 bedroom 3 bathrooms, a Laundry, Library and 2 computer centers.
 With 3 bedrooms and 3 baths these homes are operational shell 
homes awaiting the class and sophistication of capable owners or retailers. 
The rustic lot uses no concrete except for:
1. Concrete base for hurricane Shed
2. Concrete slab for Garage entry, garage and the ground floor and mounting Posts for the supported second story Modular Home 
3. No gravel is used
4. Conventional 12 x12” blocks are used as needed for
  walks, driveways and patio bases.
5. Lawns, Shrubs and trees are encouraged at the users expense.
It uses a conventional 200 amp breaker box. 
LD 12 lots can also be located along a common green allowing users
to be members of a CGA or common green association. The
architectural features are shown towards the CGA ( not the Street)
With a 35 foot covered porch and a 20 ft x 22ft attached garage.

The LD 12 Lots uses the following Lot Features:

1. A concrete driveway, garage floor, and first floor foundation.
2. A Space for a 14 x 60 ft modular home.
3. Parking space for 1 or 2 cars.
4. A brick, concrete block storage shed/ hurricane shelter.
5. Fencing on 3 sides
6.. Removable fencing in front to allow easy