LD   9  Rustic  LOT Sites

    LD 9 LOT 40 ft width x 75 ft length
LD9 This rustic lot designation is for use by a Conventional 864 sf Home. With an attached 18ft x 20 ft garage. 
The rustic lot uses no concrete except for:
1.Corner lot posts
2. No gravel is used
3. Conventional 12 x12” blocks are used as needed for
  walks, driveways and patio bases.
4. Lawns, Shrubs and trees are encouraged at the users expense.
It could use a back to back RV Pedestal model _GE1 LU532PB Pad Mount
with 20, 30 & 50 amp or a receptacles on each side. This allows the pedestals to hopscotch to the next 75 ft side reducing costs.
LD 9 lots can also be located along a common green allowing users
to be members of a CGA or common green association.

The LD9 uses the following Lot Features:

1. Parking space for 1 or 2 cars.
2. A brick, concrete block storage shed/ hurricane shelter.
3. Optional fencing on 3 sides
4. Optional removable fencing in front to allow easy access for RVs and cars.