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​ To the Honorable _______________________________

 Dear  Congressperson _______________________________

Please support Congressional WRRDA 7001 Funding for a select few from 4 to 10 USACE Campgrounds for upgrades to USACE Safety-Net Villages.  
This allows disaster, climate, and government shutdown refugees to:  

* Go directly to these villages to live in hostels, RVs or Trailers so they won’t have to live in tents while waiting for FEMA. EMA will not assist many disaster victims.

* Those disaster victims helped by FEMA are done so at an
  extremely high cost, and for a very limited time period.  

* This funding also gives victims very much needed jobs in
  and around these USACE Safety Net Villages. With such
  jobs rentals or leasing ( site + RV or trailer ) is never more
  than 15 to 20 % than their income.

* USACE campgrounds and the Texas Parks were very helpful
  offering FREE Camping to Hurricane Katrina victims.

* The State of Louisiana has already relocated Choctaw Indians
  inland to a new location because of rising seas around New Orleans.

Please go to USACE Visit or visit for futher details
And ask your congressman or congresswoman to support this 
Emergency Legislation.