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The Villages, Florida    The Best US Local Government !
 First in population growth...Forbes
 Most housing Units Built by a privately owned  Company....Forbes
 First in  carbon and pollutant reduction using Golf Carts
   and  100 + miles of pathways
  Looking at proven    Success Examples.   Harold Schwartz
    Creating a lot more spendable dollars 
    .........for the little guy !   EXTREME VETTING
  The Villages creates more spendable dollars and drives their   
      economy by reducing  costs in these 4 key areas 
 1.   Huge cost reduction:  Home Costs originally were 1/3 the average US home cost
  2.  Transportation ...Most people use Golf Carts !     100 miles of trails.!
  3.  Health Care..Wellness programs....Exercise Gyms and Bike-Trike trails.
  4.  Hobbies, Crafts, Activities and Entertainment. World's  most active  schedule
       per month.
Home costs were originally 1/3 rd  ( $13,000)
 the USA average home cost  of $39,000.
2.  Transportation : Over 100 miles of 
    Golf Cart and Triking Trails  with 15 mph speed limit  used by joggers, bikers
 has created custom golf cart industry.
 4. Entertainment: The Villages (below)  has the world,s  most active  entertainment  schedule with state of the art theatre, recreation center shows  and 3 town squares with 365 days of shows each.  Pictured below  the Lake Sumter  Landing Town Square.
Below an aerial  view  of small angled  homes and lots at Lake Sumter Landing.
proving that even with success affordability  still  Drives the Economy!
   Above picture of   developer Gary Morse  and his father ( statue)  of  Harold Schwartz ( located in Spanish Springs) the founder  and developer of Orange Blossom  Gardens