Habitat Info AA  
 Chapters covered in the Official Filing for Habitat RAM Villages for USACE
Using the US Navys Aircraft Carrier Quija Boards to measure, manage, design and redesign
  the CGA lots, and downtown Village segments. 
1. Index of Village Quija Boards in HO, N scale and other scales.

1a. The Property Owners Association POA Overall Map Board It fits the maximum usable scale 
…and shows the extent of the boundaries, roads, lakes, structures. Shows growth areas.
  Existing roads and future parkways, golf cart paths, trains and monorails. 
  There is no set scale, each POA overall map has its own scale.  
  Create Google Earth Village overlay maps. 

1b. 40 x 60 ft Hostel Facilities for Men, Women, Youth and Families.
  Shows different interior layouts. Hostels are the most affordable mode of dwellings, with very high sleeping density often using bunk beds. Many can use privacy and sound partitions such as in China for unemployed students. Most of the planned hostels are located within 40 x 60 foot or 2400 sq. foot buildings.
  Comparative monthly cost of living in: A hostel , Upgraded hostel with partitions, 12 x 36 2 bedroom locally synergistically built Habitat Modular, Single wide RV Trailer, RV motorhome, Manufactured Home, RV Park monthly lease, Upscale RV, Victorian 8 Bedroom Bed and Breakfast. Average Home Mortgage.  
See Excel 10 Pie Chart.
1c. CGA manufacturing facility interior layouts of 40 x 60 Habitat Production Facilities. These are the CGA Maintenance buildings that are used for manufacturing the following products and homes:
Park benches, tables, children’s playground items, Creek bridges, 3 to 4 foot Wooden Fence Sections, Chain Link Fence sections. Sheds, Garages, small homes, Home Depot kits and prefabricated wall section kits that on a concrete foundation.
30 foot wide lots for homes 20 feet wide maximum.
40 foot wide lots for homes 30 feet wide maximum
50 foot wide lots for homes 40 feet wide maximum
These lots are plug in ready to a RV Pedestal or a 100 amp outlet
and can have a diversity of RVs, Mobile Homes, or Modular Home sections. 

1d. A. The Menu of the minimum Dwelling Unit or MDU offering
  of 10 different home/lot cost levels.
1e. B. US Navy Aircraft Carrier Ouija Boards 4 pictures
  Quija Boards + Excel = Super Facilitators 
1f. C. Excel Chart showing average monthly costs for different homes-lots. 
1g . The CGA ( Common Green Association) Ouija Board in HO Scale  
  Board Size is: 36” x 90” ( in HO scale: 300 feet x 652 feet )
  Selection of 32 RV-PT-MH and Modular lots
  ( could be up to 100 lots) in HO Scale.
  Lot widths of 30, 40 and 50 feet. Lot depths 100 feet. CGA or Common Areas between lots 20 ft to 150 feet.
  Subdivision Lots to street at either 90 degrees or angled at 60 degrees.
1h CGA USACE ready to move in (RTM) lots are available in HO scale models in twin lots of 30 ft x 100 ft, 
  40 ft x 100 ft and single lot models in 50 ft x 100 ft widths. 
These models allow you to better plan the dwelling, the methods of construction be it conventional, high insulation Foam BuildBlocks with concrete or side awning enclosures, or a combination of all 3 methods.
Also these HO Scale QUIJA Models give you the advantage as your planner for RV parking, garage, storage, patios and landscaping.
  The Lot or Lot/ Home owners have:
  * Sole ownership of their lots and land 
  * A Common ownership of the Common Green Area,
  its park benches, tables, swing sets, Maintenance Building
  Themed Convenience Center and Parking Lots. 
  CGA owners cover the bundled cost or payments on such common ownership with 15 or 30 year payments.
  * A common 1/3000 plus undivided ownership in POA infrastructure, certain POA Theme Center Buildings, 
  and business , Parks etc.
1i The Village Theme Center is the downtown portion of the villages.
  This Village Center Ouija Board in “N” Scale.
  Board size: 90 inches x 36 inches or 1190 feet x 475 feet.
  Owned and managed by the 3000 plus members of the Property
  Owners Association. Possible ownership by retail –commercial REITS see board.
  The POA Theme Center showcases in its adjacent parks where
  the Themed Mansions are the Crown Jewells of the Village.  
  Also the village has 3 sample sizes of Versatube shell buildings on concrete slabs
  that are: 40 x 60ft, 30 x 40 ft, 24 x 30 ft and a 
  wooden Barn Pros 12 x 24 ft. on Slab. This is a similar concept
  used by the mini-shops that are use on Olvera Street in downtown
  Los Angeles.
  1J. The CGA Convenience Center Project on the Quija Board.
  Allows a large doublewide manufactured home or even a Victorian Home to
  be used for the CGA residents living around the convenience center.
  The center is used for secure package deliveries, mail, security center, limited banking,
  CGA member meetings, design and planning, Hobby Activities, Boys and Girls club, 
  Gym and sports center, Library, Computer center and Networking, Entertainment, 
  Pot luck dinners and BBQ’s.