They are the number one Americans for  
  driving  the economy for the little guy by   
 reducing  housing costs very   substantially,   
 and thus will contribute  more to   jobs and  
      saving the American Dream. 
            Here's some  reasons why:
 EXTREME VETTING......American Hero's who DRIVE the ECONOMY for  the little Guy!  Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus founded their hardware business in 1978. 
  Reason #1. By building very affordable housing with Habitat for Humanity ( below pictures)
it gives the owners more spendable dollars.
 Reason # 2  By combining  homes, sheds and garages with off-grid solar systems (see  photos) such as SolarGNC  by and 
 400 to 1200 watt systems much of the cost of power is reduced.
Reason # 3   Home Depot has Homes and Garage  Kits
 that are Engineered and Permit ready. They can be easily
modified  and added to. This gives the owner using 
sweat equity  and synergistic management and labor a
powerful time saving and lower cost advantage.
Reason #4 Home Depot sells RV  pedestals for Park Trailers
Small Homes, RVs , and Cabins, along with Solar GNC the systems and   
  hookups are simplified and costs are reduced.  With California's AB2176
  Emergency Bridge Housing Law this reduces home costs.