Habitat Info BB
2. Habitat RAM Village Features:
  1.Diversity of housing types and costs.
  2. Project Scalability
  3. In project up-down relocations.
  4. High ECF for new residents and migrants as in Sweden.
  5. Diversified Economic Base with Habitat RAM Villages.
  6. Can be used for USACE Rapid Deployment RV Villages.
3. Pre-existing Project Requirements 
* 2000 usable acres or more reasonably flat land.
* Not prone to flooding. 
* Very affordable cost per acre
* Major Highway Access
* Water / river available with no river pollution.
* Good Climate with no air pollution.
* A 80% response from Founders, and related 20% down deposits.
4. Computer Software Flow Charts for Habitat RAM Villages:
 4a Membership and product sales. Books, HO Scale Models
4b. Viewing, Measuring, managing and selecting your lot your lifestyle.
4c. Use of some Parks and Golf Courses for Interim land Banking.
4d. Selection menu of A thru D Village features.
4e. Selection menu of any 3 of E thru Z amenities.
4f. Project Float Phase One:

5. Sequence Development of Habitat RAM Villages 
( retired, agriculture & manufacturing) Listed in the development phases:
Phase 1. RV ( Visitors) Park 200 to 600 full RV hook-ups
Phase 2. A Parkway System circuling the perimeter and next to all the key segments.
  Consists of roads, golf cart trail for joggers, bikers, and micro-electrics.
  Landscaping , with minimum radius of 180 meters for future monorail or train.  
Phase 3. Village Center with small shops , Farmers Market, Catholic Charities
  Kitchen and 3 types of Habitat Hostel Buildings. Police, Fire & Micro hospital
  Civic Center Chambers–Public Internet, Planning and Tech Center
Phase 4. Lower Ten for 5 levels of CGA clusters from $20K to $100K CGA Homes.
Phase 5 Village Center Parking  
Phase 6. A commercial-Industrial area by the Highway with food-processing,
  extra parking, vehicle storage, RV Trailer Spotting storage, 
  tractor trailer parking, and Public Storage Buildings.  
Phase 7 Farm land and Food Processing
Phase 8 D-Condo Stores and Swap meets.
 Phase 9. The Village Center with larger stores using a Theme based
  European Style of architecture.
 Phase 10. A POA Marquee Project a Large 2 or 3 story structure that is the Crown Jewell of the Village. 
  Located next to the bandstand within a 4 to 6 acre park next to the Village Center.
Phase 11. Farm land and Food Processing
Phase 12 Upper ten Homes Subdivisions from $100K to over $600K plus homes.
Phase 13. Begin Special Events for music, sports, hobbies, Art and exhibits. 
Phase 14. Surplus POA properties and Interim Land Banking with golf courses, parks, and agriculture.

 use 40 ft wide x 100 foot deep Back to back lots 
and 40 ft wide x 100 foot deep Upscale CGA Lots 
use 50 ft wide x 100 foot deep back to back lots
or 50 ft wide x 100 foot deep Upscale CGA Lots  

6. Advantages of staying at a Supportive Hostels in the Village Center

7. Advantages of renting in the Village RV Park

8. The 3000 plus POA Members, Awesome Advantages
* Generally centers labor within the Village with POA Workers Co-ops.
* Besides owning your own lot and home you own many properties in
common and related business.
* You own and can participate in Marquee Construction Projects
that are the Crown Jewell’s of the Village.
* You can have a more supportive Housing with more Habitat time or
* You are also members of the ______________Village Corporation.

9. Synergistic Supportive Advantages as a member of the CGA 
9a Low cost Solar Systems that are owned and operated the CGA members.
9b Surplus CGA member parking at each end of the common green.
9c A large 40 x 60 foot 2400 Sq feet Maintenance Building that can
  also be used for small modular Home fabrication and storage.
9d A 4 to 8 room Themed Styled Convenience Center could be a two story 
  structure or a large double or triple wide manufactured home.
  This Convenience Center offers residents of this CGA the convenience
  of baby sitting, child care, pet sitting, CGA meetings and Media center, 
  Security Center, CGA Web Site creation, WiFi Center, Pot Luck Parties, 
  secured and high efficiency mail and parcel delivery.
  E- Grocery shopping and delivery.
10. Types of Transportation:
* Golf Karts and Mini E-Cars with kart trails like the Villages Florida * Bikes,* Velomobiles 
 * Possible Future Monorail above the main pathway or park way with 120 meter turns

11. CC& Rs Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions Compare Villages FL & Salton City
12. Pre-Planning Jobs 13.Pre Marketing Jobs 14. Pre development Jobs  
15. Development Jobs 16. Contracts, Agreements and Local Laws
17. Charts, Graphs and Economics a. Supportive Cost Pie Chart b. Monthly Cost of Housing Bar Chart  

18. The Difference Between Habitat for Humanity and Habitat Villages.( see Excel Chart )
18a Home Types
18 b Hours Required for Sweat Equity or Synergistic Management and Labor
18 c Other physical land areas of ownership and investment
18d Major areas of common investment, Water, Power (solar & generator )
18 e Banking
18 f Mortgage versus Income
18 g Capital required to float project.
18 h Other desired funding. REITS, Sewer System, etc

19. Who owns what….. (see chart below).  
The POA Founders is an investor-owner- builder association that owns a
Super Bundled Investments of:  
19a. A common ownership in the CGA or Common Green Assn.
19b. A CGA Home site.
19c. CGA Solar Company
19d. RV trailers spotting on CGA sites.
19e. A diversity of on site shops, factories and business.