Bing Crosby
 Renowned for:
 The Stage  and Screen, 
WWII Troop Entertainment
  Voted The Most Popular 
   man in the USA 
  Industrialist  and  Master
 collaborator within the Stage & Screen Industry.
The designer  and planner of
  Blue Skies Trailer Village.
   One of his greatest
   collaborations  was 
 with the investor actors 
 and actresses shown here.

   Bing Crosby's Blue Skies Trailer Village
  Looking at proven  Success Examples.
              Bing Crosby 
      creating  more spendable dollars 
       ............for the little Guy!
 The Movie Stars shown below were all investors in Bing Crosby's Blue Skies  Trailer Village in Rancho Mirage, 
 usually with a street named     after them.

     American Woody  Villages
Proven low cost for the little guy: Levittown PA..1/2 the cost , Orange Blossom Gardens
1/3 the cost, Bing Crosby's Trailer Village built at 1/8th the cost of adjacent homes.