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   20 Some basic Historical Success Models 

Hero’s that drove the Economy for the Little Guy

Here’s some great advice from Bing Crosby” use Positive proven examples of P1, P2, P3, P4,
success stories that drive the economy. Eliminate the Negative which means
get rid of those people, plans, programs and government waste that steals
from the little guy! Do an in depth analysis with NO room for Mr. In-Between.
Look at Bings Blue Skies Trailer Village and his great investors 
Such as P5 Barbara Stanwyck, P6 George Burns and Gracie Allen,
  P7 Claudette Colbert, P8. Danny Kaye,  
 P9 Greer Garson, P10 Jack Benny. and of course planner, syndicator, investor and marketer P11 Bing Crosby the creator of Bing Crosbys Blue Skies Trailer Park where P11b the cost of housing was 1/8th the cost of adjacent developments.

Pismo Coast Village and the California RV Park system in Pismo Beach using NO CONCRETE RV sites
 at 1/5 the cost of sites where concrete is used all over. See pictures.
Also we have the dedication of P12 President Jimmy Carter and the great synergistic management and labor of Habitat for Humanity an organization that P13 credits buyers with their hours of sweat equity.
Other notables who have driven the economy for the little guy are: P14 Alexander Hamilton, P15 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt New Deal Americas greatest Jobs Creation Programs that helped drive the economy, 
21. The Hudson’s Bay Company and the use of Indentured Servitude evolved under King Charles II
After gaining the interest of Prince Rupert, cousin of King Charles II of England, the first ships set sail from England in 1668. On May 2, 1670, the Royal Charter granted exclusive trading rights of the Hudson Bay watershed to “the Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson Bay 
It functioned as the de facto government in parts of North America before European states and later the United States laid claim to some of those territories. It was once the world's largest landowner, controlling the area of the Hudson Bay watershed, known as Rupert's Land, which has 15% of North American acreage. The Hudson Bay Company 
is the oldest retail store chain in North America and still going strong.  

22. The P16 Mighty Levitt’s who created the 17,300 homes in Levittown, PA, and the P16b USACE The United States Army Corp of Engineers creating P16c RV and camping sites across the United States, P16d building locks and dams on many of our great rivers and designing the Crown Jewell in the P16e City of Los Angeles…P16f thee Marina Del Rey. 

23. In central P17 Florida Harold Schwartz and his son P18 Gary Morse created P19  
  Orange Blossom Gardens and the P20 Village Center of Spanish Springs 
  one of America’s very successful projects. 
  24. 18 Synergistic Factors That Reduce The Cost of Housing and Lifestyle 
  24 a Low Land Costs
  24 b 2000 usable acres or more.
  24c Ultra low cost resources
  24 d Capital Formation
  24e Restore the Usury laws limiting interest rates to under 7%.
  24f Bundle Home Improvement Costs of products manufactured locally 
  by the POA businesses such as Victorian Rotunda Systems,
  recumbent trikes, micro E-Cars or Golf carts.
  24g Worker owned Businesses as described by Professor Richard Wolff.
  24 h Businesses owned by the POA (property owners association)
  24i Advanced Solar Technology.
  24 J On site Bio-Diesel Plant using 200 to acres of farmland crops.
  24 k Production Technology and Methods.
  24L RV, MH and Modular Home Industries with local factories. 
  24m Sophisticated Management and Planning with AutoCad and 
  HO, N Ouija Boards and other Scale Models.
  24n Plans for future growth, Utility upgrades, flood control systems,
  parkway systems, Calif. AB 2923 and SB827 Monorail transportation 
  TOD above a Multi-modal Parkway System using higher density buildings. 
  24o Village Centers with diverse Supportive Hostels.
  24p Supportive Common Green Associations.  
  24q Synergistic Management and Labor Equity ( Habitat for Humanity) 
  24r Sweat Equity ( Habitat for Humanity)