The Executive Summary of WRRDA Legislation 
(Showing Part 2 ( Railroads) of 3 parts)

2. Complete the Amtrak New Orleans to Orlando Florida ( down since 2005 after 
  Hurricane Katrina) with at least a slower Excursion Train and station upgrades in Mississippi, Alabama and a New Station in Tallahassee Florida and possible stations in the Apalachicola National Forest.

Create Shrieveport LA as the excursion Rail center with funding for Engine and coach restoration for successful and proven rail lines like Grand Canyon railways, Fillmore CA Rail. Silverton-Durango Rail Road, Western Pacific CA Rail, etc.

 Use the rail yards in Shreveport Louisiana for manufacturing US Excursion Rail passenger cars, club cars, sleeper cars, and dining cars for Amtrak or Excursion Rail Trains. Bring in design and RV manufacturing resources from Elkhart, Indianna.