American Woody

      This is the Executive Summary for the  Emergency Priority Legislation for:
 Disaster Relief Villages, Jobs and economic relief and Climate Change Infrastructure at proposed developments on existing USACE Parks. Seeks to find USACE Parks below the 36th parallel and close to FEMA trailer storage locations.    This legislation is bi-partisan.

 This legislation does not cover infrastructure  such as highways and bridges, or auto efficiency standards.   
Main Mission: To House and have Jobs for disaster victims along the Atlantic 
 seaboard and Florida and Alabama. 

  This legislation may be introduced in any one of 3 different formats:
  1.  A congressional proposed bill.
  2. A USACE WRRDA7001 Proposal to Congress for funding.
  3.  or a Presidential Order such as Dwight Eisenhower's Public Order 780 in 1953
       for the USACE to build the Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles County. It would be Presidential 
       Public Order #____for  "The Strategic USACE Safety-Net Villages." 
      This would help coastal disaster victims, resorts and businesses.

    Whereas FEMA has spent Billions on non-usable RV trailers and Mobile Homes 
     because they are not set up or hooked up. These units are primarily located
    in Hope Arkansas ​costing taxpayers  $300,000 per year to the City of Hope for storage.
    Whereas  FEMA  purchased many of these trailers with Toxic Formaldehyde  in the wood.
    Whereas  FEMA  did not move any of these RV trailers or Mobile Homes unto public lands
    such as USACE parks with full hook-ups FOR USE by DISASTER VICTIMS.
    Whereas  because of the size of these village projects there is a substantial number of
    workers required for manual labor, rustic lot site landscaping. Village architectural treatments,
    forestry clearing and lumber mill work, and agriculture. This allows migrant workers.

        Whereas  the Atlantic Coast, Florida and Alabama have a high number of coastal areas at
    risk of hurricanes and flooding, it is recommended that potential disaster victims have at their
    option direct access to the 3 USACE Village parks in Florida and Georgia as shown on the map:

        Whereas this legislation seeks to save taxpayers $4. Billion yearly by reducing FEMA funding
    and transferring portions of such funding to  the USACE for the Emergency Villages listed below:

1. Creates 2 USACE safety-net Villages (Housing & jobs) from existing USACE Parks
Initially at Lake Seminole Chattahoochee ( Booster Village) Florida and a USACE Village 30 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia at Lake Allatona ( New Victoria)  Needs 3500 to 5000 trailers each.

2. New job holders receive: 1. Trailer Housing, 2. Solar Powered, and 3.a golf cart or Micro-E car the total monthly amount does not exceed 20% of their monthly income. Does not include  amenities. 
Uses proven electric cars, golf carts and micro E-cars for maximum Emission reduction
as in the Villages Florida and Peachtree City Georgia. 

3. Creates USACE Villages at Wright Patman Lake by Texarkana, Texas. This project
  is only 45 miles from Hope Arkansas stores 20,000 RV trailers yearly storage cost of $300,000. 
 These Trailers can not be hooked up in Hope and 1000’s of trailers  should be moved 45 miles to the USACE Wright-Patman area for hook-ups and immediate use by disaster victims still living in tents.   Also 3500 trailers should be moved into USACE Lake Seminole  and Allatoona. See pictures above.

4. OPTIONAL as NEEDED for the east coast: Create 6 new USACE Internet Created Villages or safety-net Villages within the Apalachicola National Forest along Highway 20 west of the City of Tallahassee Florida and adjacent Lake Talquin, and the Tates Hell State Forest with a combined area of 834,890 acres. Using not more than 20% of the north eastern land area against Lake Talquin.
   5. Build the ½ mile locks and dams in the Carquinez Straits at the Benicia Park to stop the salt water intrusion into the Bay Delta area and to stop the flooding of cities like Stockton California within the Delta. 
The surplus fresh water accumulated in the Bay Delta area is pumped to new reservoirs including the Strategic Water Reserve Canals adjacent the Salton Sea.
Create a scalable and synergistic Waters West project that transfers water
850 to 1200 miles from flooded Mississippi areas to Lake Havasu using water canals with solar covers where necessary. The WatersWest program will help:
  a. Bring water west through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico to Arizona.
  b. Create water storage lakes and villages along the way.
  c. Creates solar powered low cost RV – Modular Home villages.
  d. Recharges some of the depleted waters for the Ogallala High Plains
  aquifer using the water storages lakes listed in b. 
  e. Reduces severe flooding along the Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas
  Rivers and Low lands.  
  f. This pumping is based on the USACE success during Hurricane 
  Barry where the maximum pumping was 19,000+ cubic feet per  
  second. Giant portable pumping systems could be used on 85 foot
  long rail cars and barges to bring water westward in scaleable