This is the Executive Summary for the  Emergency Priority Legislation for:
 Disaster Relief Villages, Jobs and economic relief and Climate Change Infrastructure at proposed developments on existing USACE Parks. Seeks to find USACE Parks below the 36th parallel and close to FEMA trailer storage locations.    This legislation is bi-partisan.

 This legislation does not cover infrastructure  such as highways and bridges, or auto efficiency standards.   
Main Mission: To House and have Jobs for disaster victims along the Atlantic 
 seaboard and Florida and Alabama. 

  This legislation may be introduced in any one of 3 different formats:
  1.  A congressional proposed bill.
  2. A USACE WRRDA7001 Proposal to Congress for funding.
  3.  or a Presidential Order such as Dwight Eisenhower's Public Order 780 in 1953
       for the USACE to build the Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles County. It would be Presidential 
       Public Order #____for  "The Strategic USACE Safety-Net Villages." 
      This would help coastal disaster victims, resorts and businesses.

    Whereas FEMA has spent Billions on non-usable RV trailers and Mobile Homes 
     because they are not set up or hooked up. These units are primarily located
    in Hope Arkansas ​costing taxpayers  $300,000 per year to the City of Hope for storage.
    Whereas  FEMA  purchased many of these trailers with Toxic Formaldehyde  in the wood.
    Whereas  FEMA  did not move any of these RV trailers or Mobile Homes unto public lands
    such as USACE parks with full hook-ups FOR USE by DISASTER VICTIMS.
    Whereas  because of the size of these village projects there is a substantial number of
    workers required for manual labor, rustic lot site landscaping. Village architectural treatments,
    forestry clearing and lumber mill work, and agriculture. This allows migrant workers.

        Whereas  the Atlantic Coast, Florida and Alabama have a high number of coastal areas at
    risk of hurricanes and flooding, it is recommended that potential disaster victims have at their
    option direct access to the 3 USACE Village parks in Florida and Georgia as shown on the map:

       Whereas this legislation seeks to save taxpayers $4. Billion yearly by  
      reducing FEMA funding  and transferring portions of such funding to  the USACE for the  
     Emergency Villages listed below:

*  OPTIONAL as NEEDED for the east coast: Create 6 new USACE Internet Created Villages or safety-net Villages within the Apalachicola National Forest along Highway 20 west of the City of Tallahassee Florida and adjacent Lake Talquin, and the Tates Hell State Forest with a combined area of 834,890 acres. Using not more than 20% of the north eastern land area against Lake Talquin.
 The Executive Summary of WRRDA Legislation (Showing Part 1 of 3 parts)
1. Creates 2 USACE safety-net Villages (Housing & jobs) from existing USACE Parks Initially at Lake Seminole Chattahoochee ( Booster Village) Florida and a USACE Village 30 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia at USACE Lake Allatoona ( New Victoria)  

 Comparable USACE Projects:
 The Marina Del Rey Authorized by President Dwight David Eisenhower Public Order
760 in 1963. Considered the Crown Jewell of Los Angeles. Note the proposed USACE
 Villages are smaller less complex projects.
    Village Users:
* USACE and other government agency personnel.
* The Villages are for regular RV Campers and RVers.
* Qualified Disaster Victims
* Qualified economically displaced people and homeless.
* Veterans 
* Qualified Students ( Where Schools build a network center education facility) 
* Staff and employees of onsite companies( RV Service and sales, RV Sites Management Companies like Jelly Stone Parks, The Escapees, KOA, Walmart, The Villages etc.)

New job holders receive: Initial Housing in Hostels or Barracks, Possible RV-MH Trailer Housing, golf cart or Micro-E car the total monthly amount does not exceed 20% of their monthly income. Does not include E-Z amenities that cost extra.
Uses proven electric cars, golf carts and micro E-cars for maximum Emission reduction as in the Villages Florida and Peachtree City Georgia. 

From Elaine Howle, CA State Auditor Report 2017-112: Homelessness in California: State Government and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority Need to Strengthen Their Efforts to Address Homelessness: Recommendations #6 , #9 , #10 , #11 , #12 , #13 , #14 , #16 , #17 

Report 2018-112: California Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of General Services: The Departments' Mismanagement of the Veterans Home Properties Has Not Served the Veterans' Best Interests and Has Been Detrimental to the State: Recommendations #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #10 , #11 , #12 , #13 , #14 , #16 , #17 

       Village Housing Menu
 This menu gives housing options as determined by the on-site USACE
personnel. The key menu housing types are: 
* Hostels, Barracks, Group Buildings, Education Hostels (Excel Lines: 22)
  ( using 40 x 60 ft Versatube or other low cost building type)
* 3 types of RV vacation Rustic Lot types. (Excel lines 2, 3 & 4)
* Types of RV/MH lot types . Excel lines 6 &7
* Types of RV/MH CGA Common Green Association Excel Lines: 9, 10, 12, 13, 15,16, and 18. 
* The USACE Zero Lot line RV/MH synergistic lot. Excel line: 18.
* Hi-Rise apartments-condos above- adjacent to the TOD stations. ( Excel Lines: 24,25,26,27,28 )

Village Restrictions:
* The USACE Village expands on the existing RV and Camping program.
* The Lake Seminole –Chattahoochee Villages serve disaster victims mostly
  on the Atlantic seaboard, Florida and Alabama.  
* This is a secured and gated development with necessary entry cards or passes
  much like the Villages in Florida. 
* The use of high speed vehicles can be limited.
* The use of guns within the development can be limited or restricted.
* All stores, vendors and service companies must pay a living wage where housing 
  costs do not exceed 20% of the occupants monthly salary.

   Village Transportation:
* A multi modal parkway system is used to connect the villages to TOD buildings (transit oriented development) with a separate golf cart, biking lane 15 mph such as in the Villages Florida. A simplified walk-thru, multi-car SM-17 monorail can be used to connect to these TOD stations. 

  Key Village Amenities within the Village Center:
* Existing highways in and around the development.
* Existing Lakes adjacent the development. ( Lake Seminole)
* Existing Cities adjacent the development. ( City of Chattahoochee)
* Large terraced TOD monorail stations in buildings (transit oriented
  development) flanked by the parkway system and monorails.
* 2 to 20 acres of water parks fun rivers, artificial surf, mothers beach located 
adjacent the Village Center. All water resources are managed by the USACE. 

* Parks with future Themed facilities ( Museums, Library, Victorian Bed and Breakfast)
* Shops with Themed false fronts using French, English, Spanish, Italian,
  Cape Cod, Western exterior decors, surrounding a village square with an
  entertainment gazebo. Similar to the Villages Florida.
* Farmers Market areas.
* Possible Equestrian stable area.
Addional USACE Villages in the US:

 Creates USACE Villages at Wright Patman Lake by Texarkana, Texas. This project
  is only 45 miles from Hope Arkansas which stores 20,000 RV trailers at an yearly
  storage cost of $300,000. 
 These Trailers can not be hooked up in Hope and 1000’s of trailers
 should be moved 45 miles to the USACE Wright-Patman area for hook-ups and 
immediate use by disaster victims still living in tents. See Pictures.