Govt  File V3
Government File V3….RV-MH Villages For USACE…..Adam Schiff…and the US Congress

The above bar chart is the key argument for development of RV-MH Villages
that also include low cost hostels in the downtown area. As can be seen 
Congress substantially maximizes public housing investment in these 
RV-MH Villages. There is a diversity of 15 types of lot-dwelling rustic lot sites
as shown below (parts 6 to 15)
There are several sample scenario Themed Villages of which presentations can
be made such as a Country Western Theme ( Stage Coach Village), French Themed (Lafayette Village), English
Village Theme (Molly Mupp’s Hobby Village) and British Royalty Theme
(with New Victoria Village’) Members of Congress are asked which one of these sample villages
would they like to see a full proposal on.

1…Why Invest in RV-Modular Home Villages…creates RV villages with rustic RV-MH lot sites that are 40% less than other modes of housing. Job Creation, new technology, new ag/ farm development, themed Commercial Centers with farmers markets,
drives the RV and modular home industries. More income for States and Counties. A housing safety net. 

2…A Job Creation A diversity of labor, construction, maintentence, planning, engineering jobs, telework, medical, retirement.  
commercial-retail jobs. Computer jobs,
2 B Management Proven Systems Systems Management from: KOA, The Escapees, Leisure Systems Yogi Bear Family RV for Molly Mupps Hobby Village, Accountants using Quick books, HR management, USACE management. RV Manufacturers and
modular home manufacturers. RV Park developers.Mod ular home developers, NAHB, RIVA
3….Cost Comparisons US Urban Cities, Chinese Ghost Cities with hi-lorise apts, and low cost rv-mh rustic villages
4…..Govt Compliance….Prior legislation. Cal-Fed Home Water, USACE legislation, USACE Campgrounds,
5A….Sample Projects; USACE Campgrounds rustic western. Along major hwy 10.

5B Foreign Projects: Molly Mupps Hobby Village (British), New Victoria Village (British) (French) Parisian Village, Lafayette Village

     6…..15 Lot & Dwelling Formats These dwelling formats include the following:
CGA RV- MH Rustic Lot  
Standard RV Lot Sites
* Hostel Facilities within the Village Center
Perimeter RV Storage and RV Power Storage Sites.

    LD1 LOT Designation One 35 ft width x 75 ft length
LS1 This rustic lot designation is for use by a modular home. The rustic lot uses no concrete except for:
a. Anchoring the RV Pedestals
b. Protective Pedestal posts
c. and Corner lot posts
d. No gravel is used
e. Conventional 12 x12” blocks are used as needed for
  walks, driveways and patio bases.
f. Lawns, Schrubs and trees are encouraged at the users expense.
It uses a back to back RV Pedestal model _GE1 LU532PB Pad Mount
with 20, 30 & 50 amp or a receptacles on each side. This allows the pedestals to hopscotch to the next 75 ft side reducing costs.
LD1 lots can also be located along a common green allowing users
to be members of a CGA or common green association.

The LD1 uses the following Lot Features:

1. A space for a 20’ to 45’ RV next to the pedestal.
2. Parking space for 1 or 2 cars.
3. A brick, concrete block storage shed/ hurricane shelter.
4. Optional fencing on 3 sides
5. Optional removable fencing in front to allow eazy access for RVs and cars.