HO and N Scale Models

​1. The HO Scale Models are used for double rustic lot displays, single line and CGA displays
on a 90” x 48” piece of foam board.
2. The N Scale Model displays are on 9 large foam boards. They show a limited area called
  the Theme Center or town squares, which includes retail areas, entertainment,
  restaurants, TOD Building connects to a transportation parkway system, some office
  areas and a mini civic center. This creates an overall display size 144 “ x 270 “ and 
  a N Scale size of: 1920 feet x 3600 feet. This gives a total square feet of 6,912,000 sf  
  or 158+ acres. These buildings are intended to be used with false fronts using
  architectural treatments to convey the Village Theme.
  The design modules are very much different than the HO displays.
  With these Town Squares N scale building modules are used often showing floor plans.
  These modules are moved around the board with trees, shrubs, signage to create the
  best desired walkways, streets, and visual effect after the exteriors are decorated.
  The larger retail shops, civic buildings, commercial and Hostels, and recreation centers
  40 x 60 x 12 ft VersaTube buildings 
  Mid size retail: Versatube 30 x 40 x 10 ft high. Small retail Versatube 24x 32 x 10’ht
 Not shown and outside of the N Scale display area maybe adjacent parks and parking. 

 HO Model type and Description using the model as a CGA Common Green Assn, 
  Using the HO models side by side with groups, RV MH Pedestal, and Advantages.
  Not shown are Solar Panels, Irrigation water storage system from shower and sinks.
  HO scale models of USACE Rapid Deployment lots: (200 RV+ pedestals per truck) 

A, B,C These are subdivision UPSCALE CGA Rustic lot sites with Plug-In Pedestals

A CGA 35 x 70 ft rustic lots for RVs  
B CGA 40 x 80 ft rustic lots for RVs-MHs-Park Trailers & Modular homes  
C CGA 45 x 90 ft rustic lots for Modular homes.  
These are possible subdivision in-line lot sites with Plug-In Pedestals. 
D. 35 x 90 ft rustic lots for RVs-MHs-Park Trailers & Modular homes.
E. LOTS 40 x 90 ft rustic lots for RVs-MHs-Park Trailers & Modular homes 

 F. 35 x 70 Rustic RV or Park Trailer Lots that are rentals, or leased with Plug-In Pedestals.