Habitat Info EE

27 POA Investor-Owners Non- Capital Options 
 27a. Indentured Servitude
 27b. Synergistic management and labor
 27c. Individual Sweat Equity
 27d. Swaping or Horse trading. 
 27e. D- Condo Stores 
 27f. Local Trade or Housing Tariffs on new Immigrant Buyers from 10 to 25%. Vancouver ,Canada
28. Who are the big Winners with Habitat Internet Created Villages.
28 a The Little guy ! 
28b Recreational Vehicle mobile home and modular home industries.
28c Warren Buffet…Berkshire Hathaway…Forest River RV & Clayton Homes 
28d Camping World RV parts, sales and service.
28e Home Depot, Lowes Lumber and the Light Construction Industry 
28f Solar Home Systems Suppliers
28g Requires the Property Owners Assn Founders to own businesses in the development
28h The USACE (The United States Army Corp of Engineers)
28i President Jimmy Carter, Habitat for Humanity and Habitat Villages.
28j Worker owned business within the village.

29 Warnings and Precautions for the Village Founders,
  Habitat Buyers, REIT Retail –Commercial Investors .
29a RV sites can cost 5X more if concrete, and gravel are used all over.
29b. RV & Park Trailer sites can cost 5X more if concrete, and gravel are used all over.
29c. Use back to back Dual metered RV pedestals.
29d. Use False Fronts where possible to create a themed retail-entertainment center.
29e. Bundle useful and practical products into the 30 year loan.
29f. Use no-interest Habitat Loans with on site bank or keep rates under 5%.
29g. Use segmented development in construction-usage phases.
29h Use proven construction escrow dispersement companies or project accounts
  for different Village Projects. 
29i Restricts all deals with Vulture Capitalists or surrogates of POA companies
  , CGA associations and other on site Village Companies. ( Toys-R-Us & Blaine Capital )
29J No contractural obligations of POA, CGA and companies within the Village with
  outside entities without POA review and an 80% approval.