Habitat Info FF2

30 Main Menu of 5 Home Subdivision Cost Levels

Use 30 ft wide x 100 foot deep back to back RV lots,
 use 40 ft wide x 100 foot deep Back to back lots 
and 40 ft wide x 100 foot deep Upscale CGA Lots 
use 50 ft wide x 100 foot deep back to back lots
or 50 ft wide x 100 foot deep Upscale CGA Lots  

31. Advantages of staying at a Supportive Hostels in the Village Center

32. Advantages of renting in the Village RV Park

33. The 3000 plus POA Members, Awesome Advantages
33a Generally centers labor within the Village with POA Workers Co-ops.
33b Besides owning your own lot and home you own many properties in
common and related business.
33c You own and can participate in Marquee Construction Projects
that are the crown jewell’s of the Village.
33d You can have a more supportive Housing with more Habitat time or
33e You are also members of the ______________Village Corporation.

34. Synergistic Supportive Advantages as a member of the CGA 
34a Low cost Solar Systems that are owned and operated the CGA members.
34b Surplus CGA member parking at each end of the common green.
34c A large 40 x 60 foot 2400 Sq feet Maintenance Building that can
  also be used for small modular Home fabrication and storage.
34d A 4 to 8 room Themed Styled Convenience Center could be a two story 
  structure or a large double or triple wide manufactured home.
  This Convenience Center offers residents of this CGA the convenience
  of baby sitting, child care, pet sitting, CGA meetings and Media center, 
  Security Center, CGA Web Site creation, WiFi Center, Pot Luck Parties, 
  secured and high efficiency mail and parcel delivery.
  E- Grocery shopping and delivery.
35 Types of Transportation:
* Golf Karts and Mini E-Cars with kart trails like the Villages Florida * Bikes,* Velomobiles 
 * Possible Future Monorail above the main pathway or park way with 120 meter turns