Habitat Info GG

35 CC& Rs Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions 
Compare CC&R Villages Florida to Salton City Calif.
36. Pre-Planning Jobs 37 Pre Marketing Jobs 38 Pre development Jobs  
39. Development Jobs 40. Contracts, Agreements and Local Laws
41. Charts, Graphs and Economics a. Supportive Cost Pie Chart b.Monthy Cost of Housing Bar Chart  

42 The Difference Between Habitat for Humanity and Habitat Villages.( see Excel Chart )
42 a Home Types
42 b Hours Required for Sweat Equity or Synergistic Management and Labor
42 c Other physical land areas of ownership and investment
42d Major areas of common investment, Water, Power (solar & generator )
42 e Banking
42 f Mortgage versus Income
42 g Capital required to float project.
42 h Other desired funding. REITS, Sewer System, etc

43 So Who owns what….. (see chart below).  
The POA Founders is an investor-owner-builder association that owns a
Super Bundled Investments of:  
43a A common ownership in the CGA or Common Green Assn.
43b. A CGA Home site.
43c. CGA Solar Company
43d. RV trailers spotting on CGA sites.
43e. A diversity of on site shops, factories and business.