Executive Summary: Habitat RAM Villages

 “The CalFed-Home Water Agency Act #21336” (File No. SA2001RF0008)
Was also listed as “Internet Created Villages”

This Statewide California Initiative was cleared for circulation by The Attorney Generals Office in 2001. 
The more appropriate name could be “Habitat RAM Villages”

Examples of successful Village and Water developments are: Lake Havasu ,
Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake. Of course historically its natural for
cities and towns to form around rivers and lakes. 
The Cal-Fed segment of the Initiative title is used to clarify the location on either
State lands (Cal ) or Federal lands such as National Forests hence: Cal-Fed
However village subdivisions could be located also on private or other lands if they are affordable, have enough usable acreage and there are adequate roads and water resource 
Habitat Villages gives its subdivision owners the option of contributing 300 to 600 hours
of sweat equity and synergistic management and labor and 4 to 12 hours a month in lieu
of paying for development assessment fees and supportive concierge housing fees.
Supportive concierge services are optional to all levels of housing from Youth and adult Hostels to the larger upscale 50 x 100 ft Common Green subdivisions.

President Jimmy Carter’s great achievement is looking at Habitat for Humanity members for their potential sweat equity contribution and not just a monetary value. 

I hope you enjoy reading through this Official Pre-filings of “Habitat RAM Villages”
and perhaps suggest a Village Theme or help create the downtown Village design in 
the “N” scale. Maybe you could be the next “Walt Disney”

If you have been involved with Occupy Wall Street then this legislation is for you.
Rally’s and Marches plus proven legislation; Its where the rubber hits the road !  

If you are READY to proceed with the filings to make this a realty then use
the following forms below:

1. USACE form WRRDA 7001 Proposals to Congress for study.
2. State or County Initiative forms.
3. Federal Parks Surplus Land Development Forms 
4. Development forms for Theme Styled Villages for these 5 Countries:
       DD Habitat Data.
     American Woody  Villages
American Woody Villages for RV-MH Parks
Habitat Village Executive Summary

     RV-MH Resort Villages,  The best ROI for 2020!