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10. Phase 2 or 3 FF 10 units per 3000 homes. Above $600K + Up scale Productive Estates
  with large RV garage with 16 to 20 foot widths. On 1/2 acre plus. $122K dn $2400 per month.  Impact fees $8. Sq foot  Pictured below.
​I. Phase 3 or 4 1 only Custom built Victorian   Pictured below. 8 bedroom 5 bath 2 story Marquee Project   3000 plus Founding Fathers POA Priority use. (rent lease, or Habitat Tradeoff) 
  Owned and managed by the POA 3000 plus members
  It includes an adjacent 40 x 60 ft dinning, recreation hall and kitchen.
  This magnificent project is located in the park at the entry to the Themed European Village.
  It offers upscale Victorian B& B rooms for special guests or some for use by POA Founding Families. This incredible plan allows Concierge Services to POA Founding
  Families when they come to the Village Center. Some of the Concierge Services are:

  * Music and Piano Room * Library Room * Computer Room * Mail and Deliveries
  * Crafts Room * Child care * Baby Sitting * Gardening nursery 
  Besides rest rooms and showers the intent is to provide a comfortable, enlightening and
     educational experience to the POA visitor. 
    Note: there is no Kitchen or Cooking in the Victorian. The cooking is done in the adjacent
     kitchen and dining hall.