The Logic for RV- Modular Home Base  Villages
Critical  Cost Comparisons   US Urban Apts,  China Apts,  Home Base Villages
 What  buyers are seeing  Apartment  Costs per month versus....RV cost per month.
$15,000  for a 197 sq foot  RV Trailer or $15,000  400 sq foot RV Park Trailer  12 x 33'
190 Sq FT
 Trailer $15K 
$15 K for a
 400 Sq FT 
Modular Home
 or Park Trailer
 Park Model Cost Reductions : (see picture below)
  1.  Eliminate 3 axle trailer chassis below.
  2.  Simplify  sidings, windows and roof.
  3.  Add solar panels to roof. This will supply 100% of interior-exterior lighting.
  4. Increase  Floor area from 400 sq ft to 720 sq. ft.
  5.  Use side awnings for Atriums, Lanai Rooms, Garage-Storage
  6.  Use back to back RV Pedestals using 50 Amp 4 prong plugs

   The next direction of Economic Growth
+ 1. Covid-19 Pandemic
+ 2. Mass Evictions People Opting Out
+3. People compare the monthly cost of RVs versus Apartments
+4. The Rise of the RVs
= RV and Modular Home Villages