Prelude for Habitat Villages
Habitat RAM Villages offer extreme cost reduction for housing with rapid deployment
of RV, PT,MH and Modular subdivisions. For a basic rustic lot site of 40 x 100 ft the monthly mortgage or rental would be between $180. and $300. per month. With CGA lots or lots  that are part of a Common Green Association the monthly costs could be double.

The need and the urgency for such developments is because of:
1. Global Warming rising tides. ( Community relocations in the Mississippi Delta
  have started)
2. Affordable retirement areas. ( Future social security checks are questionable.)
3. Affordable Agriculture and Food Processing areas.  
4. Affordable Light Manufacturing Areas because of substantially reduced housing costs.

Such developments can be located within the southern states adjacent main highways and rivers or lakes and existing small towns. 

As the tents and bodies of the Homeless pile up here on the streets of Los Angeles it is 
clear that we can’t even solve the housing problem for US citizens. 
Regarding assimilating foreign refugees other countries have been very successful
like Denmark and Sweden which has brought in refugees numbering 2 % of their
entire population.

America’s biggest problem is very affordable assimilation of diverse populations
 from dependency to productivity!                            
 Congressional Overview of USACE WRRDA 7001 Funding
   for Safety-Net Villages for Disaster Victims
.1. *  Uses only 3 to 7 USACE existing campgrounds of the 2800
 2    Uses direct access to USACE cards for site reservations and use
 3    Uses rapid deployment system for new Hostel buildings and prewired campground
     sites with  20,30, and 50 amp Pedestals  for RVs, Park Trailers and small modular.

 4   Uses a TOD (transit Oriented  Developments) Parkway system to simplify expansion   
     and safety 
 5   Uses an interagency government department allowing the USACE to call up
     construction resources from the ARMY (roads & Buildings), Airforce ( heliports)
     and the Navy for Quija Board  scale models Marina Developments if needed.  
 6   Includes a Themed Village center with a courtyard.
 7   Allows for subleasing of areas to proven RV Park developers
 8   Uses solar arrays over parking structures .
 9.  Uses new technology for lower costs in housing, energy and transportation.
10. Uses REITs USACE Village funding, RVs- Trailers Exchange Deal, and user  Habitat Options. 

     American Woody  Villages

     RV-MH Resort Villages,  The best ROI for 2020!