Quick Facts for USACE Safety Net Villages 
For Disaster Relief, Economic Uplift Jobs and Climate Change

All Villages are on USACE lands so no taxpayer cost.

Uses some of the 100,000 FEMA RVs and Mobile Homes siting in storage
that are already paid for. 

The 3 Atlantic Villages in Florida and Georgia. Could use between
20,000 to 60,000 of these FEMA RVs and Mobile Homes.

FEMA spent $2.5 Billion for 150,000 trailers.

FEMA already spends $300,000. per year to the City of Hope, Arkansas
for RV and MH storage by their airpost. If these units were simply
relocated 35 miles south west to the USACE Wright Patman Lake there would be 25,000 units hooked up and operational ready for use by disaster victims, with INCOME from the Public, and Tourists . And we would save over $300.000 per year at Hope Arkansas and $130 million per year overall
for storage.
Most USACE safety net Villages are located within 2 miles
of existing towns like: Chattahoochee, Ackworth Georgia,
Texarkana Texas by Wright Patman Lake, and Ukiah, California at Lake Mendiceno.

USACE along with the residents develop a master plan with
a parkway-system and Themed Villages, uplifting the area
while creating thousands of jobs.

With the 2019 convergence of high efficiency solar powered
Park Trailers 12 x 36 and Modular Homes 12 x 60. The
cost of construction when factory built on site is substantially
less. Further when using Habitat workers and a reusable
slide-out dolly trailer base, the costs are lower.