Quick Facts on the USACE Villages
the costs !
Job Creations  for
 Jobs-Housing Ratio 1.3 
 Housing with RV-MH  and back to back pedestals on rustic lot sites.
​   Salary needed to buy a
  home in:
  Proposed USACE       Habitat  Villages $25K 
 Proposed  Walmart RV-MH     Habitat Villages  $29K 
   Pittsburgh  $37.7 K
   New Orleans  $49K
   Chicago       $66K
   Los Angeles $123.2K
   San Francisco $199K
   San Jose         $ 254.8K
  Many Walmart stores are
 surrounded by substantial
 undeveloped acreage that can be used for factories,
shops, Village Centers,
food processing and then
 RV-MH sites and more
upscale RV-MH CGA sites
Many great RUSTIC RV sites as shown
create a more scenic healthier environment with trees and lawn. The
only concrete that is used is to anchor
the RV Pedestal.
Hostels located within the Village
Center could initially provide
adequate housing for residents while
working and learning. From there 
hostel residents might move into
a RV site or a Modular Home site
to rent or maybe own. This would depend on their savings, and the
monthly cost of the RV or  MH.
Most of the RV-MH lot sites use back to back RV pedestals
with mirrored rustic lot sites, thus using one back to back pedestal for 2 lots, saving time and pedestal costs. 
This allows rapid deployment
of pedestals on rustic lots.
 Big trees can be planted on the non-pedestal lot side and
 the rear of the lot.
as shown

 This single wide mobile home located
 in Orange Blossom Gardens at the 
 Villages in Florida was built by 
 Harold Schwartz in the 1960's .
 The 2 bedroom 2 bath home uses
  the left awning wing for parking and
  storage and the right awning wing
  for the entry, extra rooms and a 
  Lanai room.
RV -MH site development, and
 maintenance. 12 x 34 modular
home production. Awning Mfg
and installation. Village Themes
design and development.