Quick Village Facts

   For Disaster Relief, Economic Uplift Jobs and Climate Change
All USACE Villages are on government lands so no taxpayer cost.

Uses some of the 100,000 FEMA RVs and Mobile Homes siting in storage
that are already paid for. 

We can reduce the $17+ Billion FEMA expenditures to $8 billion thereby 
allowing the USACE to have a $8+ billion funding reserve for 
Emergency Priority Safety Net parks using existing USACE parks or
The 3 Atlantic Villages in Florida and Georgia. Could use between
20,000 to 60,000 of these FEMA RVs and Mobile Homes.

Most of the USACE Safety Net Village Funding uses a 3 part formula
when working with the developer-operators where each receives:
A. 200 rustic sites with RV pedestals for at Market Operations 
B. 200 rustic sites with RV pedestals for at cost operations, 
  (Lot site rents from $120. to $250. Per month) 
C 200 rustic sites with RV pedestals at no cost to disaster victims and economically displaced .
 USACE can expand this format in increments of 600 units up to 
 a total of around 6000 rustic RV sites. 

The big question regarding the 20,000 RV travel trailers below is what 
percentage of these RVs should be relocatable to disaster sites; and what
percentage should be set up ready to use ( FIXED Sites) at USACE parks.
With this WRRDA7001 proposal Trailer allocations would be 60% to
USACE Parks with pedestal hook-ups and 40% relocatable to disaster
sites.( If Possible)

FEMA spent over $2.5 Billion for 150,000 trailers.
Picture of Hope, Arkansas and Manny Pacquiao Village in the Philippines  
20,000 FEMA Trailers some unsafe. Senator Pacquiao Village of 1000 homes. 

FEMA already spends $300,000. per year to the City of Hope, Arkansas
for RV and MH storage by their airport. If these units were simply
relocated 35 miles south west to the USACE Wright Patman Lake there would be 25,000 units hooked up and operational ready for use by disaster victims, with INCOME from the Public, and Tourists . And we would save over $300.000 per year at Hope Arkansas and $130 million per year overall
for storage.

Coleman Trailer $10,000 with inside cabinet Air Conditioner. FEMA Mobile Homes are auctioned off at only 7% of the cost to Taxpayers. 

Orange Blossom Gardens, The Villages FL 12x 60 home listed at $90.000 April 2019

 The golf cart bridge in the Villages. Best Barns 12 x 20 shed.

Convergence Modulars are homes 12 x 36 to 12 x 60 ft
that are Pedestal Plug-In Homes cost the same as a travel trailer!
This is because they are:
1. Factory built locally within a few miles of the Village. 
2. Because of the volume of homes the cost is reduced. 
3.Homes can use concrete piers supports and anchors.
4.Polluting floor vents (heating and cooling) are eliminated.
5. Expensive RV parts, appliances and siding are eliminated.
6. Solar systems could be used plus recycled water from the 
  shower, and sinks for irrigating the lawns and trees. 
7. The metal chassis, hitch, axels & wheels are eliminated
8. Exterior walls have thick foam-stucco insulation.
9. The home is towed on a flatbead trailer and lifted off on
  the lot site. The flatbead trailer is reused for another modular
  home delivery and installation.