Rick Steve’s Villages 

Rick Steves the Travel Expert of Europe points out the value of travel seeing small villages their history, culture, and design. 
Here in the US we need such village centers to kickstart empty
subdivisions without housing and life.
Towns like Solvang and Pismo Beach with their many events are uplifting to tourists and residents alike.
Of course the awesome Villages in central Florida is consistently number one in growth in the US, and no wonder since they built 
Spanish Springs Village Center with an Spanish Themed décor and 365 days a year of live courtyard entertainment.  
Here’s a great article on Tiny Towns by Rick Steves:

“When someone asks me about visiting Ireland, I tell them not to miss the southwest coast. This is the place to experience the wonders of the Gaelic language and old Irish civilization, as well as the country's contemporary charms. It's the most mystical, Celtic, spiritual, and rugged region of Ireland — and the towns along the way are just plain cute. There's even a competition for the best-kept town.
Every year, the Irish government holds a Tidy Town contest — and competition is fierce. Dozens of villages are judged for their beauty, charm, and, yes, tidiness. My own top contenders for the title of tidiest town hug the southwest coast, where each town is more endearing than the last. Beyond their pastel facades and prim potted flowers, Kinsale, Kenmare, and Dingle offer rich history, natural beauty, and warm Irish hospitality.”