Supportive Data for the Executive Summary

1. Uses 7 existing USACE Parks (NO COST) ( some Florida National and State Parks)
2. Starts with East Coast and Florida Climate Refugees assistance Villages
       At Lake Seminole, Lake Allatoona and National Forest west of Tallahassee.

3. Allows direct access for Climate Change Victims Through USACE to use
      RV Travel Trailers ( NO COST) and Hostels . Initially brings in proven RV organizations like
      The Good Sam Club,  The Escapees, FMCA, and proven RV Resort Operators, and Equestrian

4. Decreases FEMA Funding by 3 to 4 $ Billion while increasing USACE Funding.

5. Compares FEMAs costly Hope Arkansas storage of 20,000 RVs and Mobile Homes 
      that costs $300,000 per year for taxpayers, as compared to Giant Pismo Beach
         storage and spotting yards where RV owners pay for the RV trailer storage and 
          RV spotting at a coastal RV Park.

  6. Creates self contained Villages with a diversity of housing, RV sites, MH Sites,
        Hostel Buildings, and TOD Buildings for RV activities , caravans, seasonal,
        interim work use, Home base for Retired Adult and Family RV groups. Includes
        standard rustic sites, upscale RV sites and upscale Concierge CGA Rustic Lots.

7. Creates a diversity of jobs including Habitat jobs for RV Sites and Modular Homes.
    Limited forestry clearing  for rustic lot sites. Overall housing costs land + Modular Home + golf cart  
    shall not exceed 20%  of monthly income. This does not include E thru Z amenities. 

8. Uses large solar arrays with a back-up generators to power RV –MH pedestals
      and a large biomass waste conversion system for Methane production.

9. A USACE Village has  about 5000 Trade-off RV sites with some Pedestal upgrades
      and a typical Village housing menu of:

  9.1 Standard RV Sites using 800 FEMA RV Trailers (no Formaldehyde)

  9.2 RV Sites 800 Privately owned RV trailers for Storage, Rentals and Spotting ( this format
         is used by the successful Pismo Coast Village Resort in Pismo Beach CA.

  9.3   RV 1000 Home-Base sites with pedestals. Can be rented out. (The Home Base was best
          proven by the Escapees RV Club in Livingston Texas.)  

  9.4   Mobile Home Sites 800 FEMA M0bile Homes  (The 12 x 60 ft Mobile Home was the start of MH  
           subdivisions by Harold Schwartz at Orange Blossum Gardens creating the Villages in Florida.)

  9.5    200 Convergence Modular Homes 12 x 60 ft made locally at the Factory
           200 Convergence Modular Homes 12 x 36 ft  made locally at the Factory.  

  9.6  Mobile Home-Modular Home 180 CGA Sites using Convergence Modulars for subdivisions.
         or FEMA 14 x 64 894 sq ft units around a Common Green. Could become CGA Subdivisions.

  9.7  Ten Hostel Buildings 40’x60’ used for: Adult, Youth, Family, USACE barracks, Parks Dept .
          Used for training and orientation centers for planning, developing and operations. 
          Used also by those unfit to live within a RV or Mobile Home on their own.

  9.8  Two TOD Parkway buildings and stations 4 story for low cost apartments, offices
         restaurants, retail businesses.

  9.9  Four large recreation center buildings used first for factories convergence modular homes.

10.   Uses a TOD Parkway system with golf cart trails and possible future monorail.

11. Uses the following proven SUCCESS Model developments: Hudson Bay Company,
         Franklin Roosevelts New Deal, Levittown PA 1952—58, Bing Crosby’s Blue Skies  
           Trailer Village Rancho Mirage, President Jimmy Carters Habitat for Humanity,
             USACE The Marina Del Rey LA County, Harold Schwartz The Villages Florida, 
               Pismo Coast Village Calif. Calif State Rustic RV Parks Pismo Beach.

12. Uses USACE project development formats based on President Dwight
         Eisenhower’s 1953 Public Order 780 creating the Marina Del Rey 
           The Crown Jewell of Los Angeles County with 60 year leaseholds  
13.  CONVERGENCE  Housing.
        With USACE Villages a lot of the housing is fixed and non-movable.
       Using onsite Village factories modular housing could be produced at less cost than RV trailers.
       See picture below:  The 432 SF modular with 10 x 20 ft awning  costs less   than the 200 sq. ft.
       Travel trailer. See picture below.