William Levitt
 Any damn fool can build expensive homes.
 What counts is how many can you build
 and  for how little !
  The Mighty Levitts  created Levittown PA with 17,300 homes
   in the mid  1950's  with the highest historical sales in history  and
    at I/2 the cost of the average US home.
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                  The Mighty Levitts .... Giving the little guy more spendable dollars!
(Below) the long lines of buyers waiting to qualify and buy homes.   
 The Genius of GE Modular Steel kitchens and bundled sales.
   Levitts and Sons
to the right. 
William Levitt was
 the marketing genius
 behind Levittown PA
 Below are two of his
 home adds  to appeal 
to returning service
men during the 1950's.
   Levittown declares "Disney Day"  for the dedication of the Walt Disney     
  School in Levittown.  This historic trip  was also motivated by Disney's
   desire  to create new Lifestyle communities with monorails. and inside
  the school Walt Disney talks and sings with students to the music of
  "Give a little Whistle"  The conclusion to the film " The Hobby Builders"
  Below:  Abraham Levitt,  The father, NY RE  Attorney, Legislator and genius behind  The Levitt Empire. Respected and loved by all, After  the homes were
  built  Abraham planted trees at the homes in Levittown,  PA.  Right and below: An incredible photo of men ( mostly WW2 veterans) who are residents 
  with homes within Levittown receiving  instructions for framing, insulating  and drywall in the upstairs of a Cape Cod  home. This is one of  the great
  examples of an owner doing SWEAT EQUITY on the extra 600 square feet of upstairs area for 2 extra bedrooms and a bathroom.
     The incredible photo  of young Boy Scouts 
  displaying a  scale model of  Levittown PA 
  homes and  shopping center.