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USACE 2019 Challenges

     The USACE 2019 Vital new Challenges
(see Congressional Excel Compare Charts USACE data in green)

Creating new low cost sustainable villages with new technologies
for those who are affected by climate change, fire and flood,
tornados, hurricanes, mountain slides, sink holes, and contaminated
air and water resources. In addition new USACE villages should
accommodate homeless and possible refugee residents who can work
and do Habitat tradeoffs for their housing.
The 2 listed Congressional USACE projects are: ( see excel chart )
  1. USACE Infrastructure for Villages where rapid deployment of
RV, Modular Home sites are used. These segments are sold off to
private investors, Insurance Companies, REITS, banks, and international
2. USACE Infrastructure and development for Villages, marinas and Locks
and dams where rising seas and salt water intrusion can occur. 
These are USACE Maximum Management projects. Example:
The Marina Del Rey designed and built by the USACE with Maximum management
would also be managing the Marina.
Other related USACE projects:  
* Multi-use tiltable solar roof panels 40 feet long for use over large carports.
* Standardized SM17 walk-thru monorail for coastal areas prone to flooding.